Puerto Rico 2009
IMG_0001 001

The "Splash Bar" - a bar IN the Pool

IMG_0003 017

The "Yunque Princess"

IMG_0004 731

All Ashore!

IMG_0012 013

Palomino Island beach

IMG_0013 001

Looking South from the hotel

My_room_view 001

Looking East from my room

My_room_view 200

Looking Southeast from my room


An active bay


Hitchcockian Interlopers

IMG_0004 294

Looking North from the dock

IMG_0004 894

Arriving at the Palomino Island dock

IMG_0007 067

Dan climbing to the top of Palomino Island

IMG_0007 224

Looking back at the rain forest

IMG_0008 001

Southwest view from Palomino Island


My room at the El Conquistador


Palm trees and ocean


Getting the dive boat ready


At the top of the funicula

IMG_0000 221

A morning view